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Edition #02 - Remediation – University of Copenhagen

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Remediation by Miles Joseph, Norwich University College of the Arts

Remediation explores a number of themes visible within my work, its subject matter is to look at the moral ambiguities of artists' use of visual sampling and found footage in order to create new works.

The narrative of this piece is built around a series of audio interviews provided by contemporary audio visual artists who work with found footage in their own practice (Doug Fishbone, George Barber, Cassetteboy), as well as an eminent legal expert in the field (Henry Lydiate) and a representative of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Eddy Leviten).

Using found footage sourced from the internet the film sets out to playfully visualise the recorded audio interviews through analogy, allegory and visual rhetoric. By using this technique it explores the sound image relationship in an engaging manner which attempts to differ from traditional documentaries use of b-roll and visual filler, whilst also inviting the audience to take part in the game of spotting both the references and the multiple meanings behind them.

Hosted by University of Copenhagen