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Edition #02 - Killer Fashion Revolution – University of Copenhagen

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Killer Fashion Revolution by Linda Kronman, Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Media Lab

"Killer Fashion Revolution" is a project that consists of artistic workshops, a participatory media-art installation and a wiki-based on-line platform. On all these levels, workshop, installation and on-line, participants can explore how a lot of our street fashion has its origins in war. Participants are encouraged to become "Killer Fashion Revolutionists" and transform clothes related to war into garments and artifacts that promote human rights. "Killer Fashion Revolutionists" are fashion hacktivists.

In workshops a group of participants are guided through activities to transform war-related street fashion into artifacts that stand for human rights. The creations from "Killer Fashion Revolution" workshops will be documented in a participatory media art installation and online. The on-line wiki offers a Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together platform for participants in this project to share their work and organize their own workshops.

In this video presentation I present a concept of how a wiki-based site and Do-It-Together workshops are used to promote human rights and to bring together a community that openly shares Do-It-Yourself hacks on war-related fashion that is transformed to promote human rights. It also presents the possibility of how guidelines for design processes like workshops can be open source. When a non-profit organization or project has a message to deliver, it is crucial to share methods such as how to organize a Do-It-Together workshop. This empowers people to learn from experience without being tied to a specific time, place or organizer.

The case study is still a work in progress, so the presentation is more giving a point of view on how different processes and blueprints can be open source in the context of this project. The video best fits the category of concept or scenario videos.

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