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Terroristas: what are the images of terrorists in brazilian films of the 90's and 00's? by Professor Roberto Tietzmann, Professor Cristiane Freitas Gutfreind & Dr Miriam de Souza Rossini

From 1964 to 1985 Brazil was under military rule. Censorship, political repression were state policy. Young guerrillas that opposed the state were labeled as 'terroristas' by the police. In this video essay the authors examine how this word became attached to them, observing it via the films of the 90's and 00's that revisited the decades earlier.


Professor Roberto Tietzmann, PUCRS, Brazil

Professor Miriam de Souza Rossini, PUCRS, Brazil

Professor Cristiane Freitas Gutfreind, UFRGS, Brazil

Various clips from Internet Archive, detailed on the ending credits.


Ação Entre Amigos (2002), Beto Brant

Batismo de Sangue (2007), Helvécio Ratton

Lamarca (1994), Sérgio Rezende

O Que é Isso, Companheiro (1997), Bruno Barreto

Zuzu Angel (2006), Sérgio Rezende


Brazil, terrorism, military rule, cinema

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