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Meditations on Meaning by Dr Jodi Kaufmann

In this video, the author is concerned about meaning; its façade of innocence and deleterious effects on people, bodies, and lives. Long believing Adorno dramatic – “If thought is not measured by the extremity that eludes the concept, it is from the outset in the nature of the musical accompaniment with which the SS liked to drown out the screams of its victims” - Dr Kaufmann is no longer convinced. As a qualitative researcher, she grieves her signifying cuts. Knife wielded with expertise, carving meaning in an ocean of being, what does she capture within the walls of her signifiers, reifying, and what does she cast into the abyss, extinguishing? Exploring her textual signifying acts with continued acts of the same, weaving the words of her favorite philosophers into a mantra of truth, she wonders: is a chimera of knowledge only possible with the deepening of her already grievous cuts? In an attempt to reach toward the extremity, she explores the constitution of meaning through experience of visual and audio.


Associate Professor Jodi Kaufmann, Georgia State University. USA

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Slovak Chamber Orchestra. (2007, February 3). Pachebel’s Canon in D Major – Romantic Modernized Version [Video file]. Video posted to watch?v=6wpPk8qk3uQl

Voices of Music (2008, September 2). Pachelbel’s Cannon in D Original Instrumentation [Video file]. Video posted to watch?v=JvNQLJ1_HQ0


Meaning, qualitative research, hypermodal

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