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An embodied encounter when becoming a contemporary circus performer by Stine Degerbøl

The video essay contextualizes encounters. According to body phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty 1968) we are embodied intertwined with the world – each and every second in everyday encounters and in more formalised settings, for example education. The video essay highlights an embodied encounter through the case of two young men doing double trapeze, as part of their training towards becoming contemporary circus performers. It is about being courageous, being caught and being dependent on each other – it is about being intertwined. The theoretical frame concerns embodied encounters, and the underlying idea is that embodied encounters have more in it, than what is needed in the particular educational setting. The question is: How do embodied encounters intertwine us?


Thanks to Thomas & Sebastian, and the others for participation

Thanks to The Academy of Untamed Creativity for access

Photos by Brian Gorman and Philippe Cibille

Illustration of Jules Leotard

Photos of Los Codonas, Marple Stark, Archaos: Metal Clown, Cirque Ici & Lars Gergensen

Music by Jan Garbarek: Rites

Keywords: Contemporary circus, trapeze, training, performing.

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