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Take Me to a Place Outside by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich

A collaborative media project exploring the imaginary worlds of female offenders in a UK prison

This film is the result of a phenomenological enquiry into the experience of imprisonment of eight female offenders in a UK Prison. Drawing on anthropologically informed theories of perception and imagination, this project explores the relationship between the 'real' and the 'unreal', the physical and the imagined, and the in and the outside - as rendered through the experience of incarceration.

The very subjective accounts argue against an often objectified and homogenised experience of imprisonment forged by public as well as academic discourses. Therefore, my main objective for this project is to convey a sense of imprisonment as something that happens to individuals justifiably so or not.

During my fieldwork I invited the women to express themselves creatively by exploring collaboratively the possibilities inherent to sound, photography and video using methods inspired by Visual Anthropology and Applied Theatre. Bringing their experiences to life was an attempt to reveal the complexities and ambiguities that these women encountered in their everyday lives, thus shaping the way they perceive both themselves and others.

Editorial advice: Rupert Cox, Johannes Sjoeber, Christopher Christodoulou
Women inmates: Christine, Dereka, Irene, Kirsty, Kirsty G., Louise, Nathalie, Michelle and Vicky

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