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Culture, Creativity and Disappearing Celluloid by Dr Andrew Dawson & Dr Sean P Holmes

In May 2013 Technicolor Laboratories closed its British processing plant. In March 2014, Deluxe Laboratories in Denham, just outside London, also ceased production. There are now no large-scale film processing laboratories in the UK. Most commentators on the film and television industries welcome the creative possibilities heralded by the digital revolution. But this transformation comes at a cost in terms of the destruction of existing work cultures and associated creative practices. On one level, this documentary sets out to record and, perhaps, memorialise laboratory practices and the voices of those who work within at the precise moment of its anticipated demise. But, on another, by highlighting past and existing production processes it also pinpoints some of the important cultural and creative losses we are about to experience as a result of the disappearance of celluloid and the switch to digital.


Dr Andrew Dawson, University of Greenwich

Dr Sean P Holmes, Brunel University


Phil Windeatt

A Day At Denham (Alexander Korda, 1939) ITN Source / ITV Studios

With Special Thanks To:

Peter Ferrari

Ken Holt

All the staff at Deluxe Film Laboratories, especially:

Sharen Daley

Neil Hurford

Peter Ferrari

Darren Simpson

Chris James

Keith Elliott

Alex Barker

Russell Mole

Alan Brazier

Helen MacLean

Phil Griffin

Deluxe still images kindly provided by Alan Brazier

Additional Thanks To:

Chris Brown

Mike Wayne

Mike Dick

Alicia Robinson

Hazel Mae Dawson

Roselle Potts

Danny Santos Amaral

Russell Duke

BECTU History Project


Film laboratories, work culture, creativity, film

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