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Issue #2013:5 – University of Copenhagen

Audiovisual Thinking

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Audiovisual Thinking is a leading journal of academic videos about audiovisuality, communication, media and design.

Endless Conversation by Claudia Arágon, Pablo Peñalver, Juan Palacios & Thomas Mühlebach

Academic Video Essays 

Lucidity: Connected Learning and Transmedia Games

Patrick Jagoda, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

Game Changer Chicago (GCC) is an interdisciplinary initiative that explores health learning through workshops in which high school aged youth — recruited primarily from underserved schools on the south side of Chicago — collaborate on digital stories and game projects.  Youth acquired media literacy and contributed to this narrative-driven game that seeks to introduce their peers to complex health systems. Digital media tools reinforced the educational principle of “connected learning” that organized these workshops.

Endless Conversations

Claudia Arágon, Pablo Peñalver, Juan Palacios & Thomas Mühlebach

Media literacy and life seen through the eyes of international students at Roskilde University Centre, Denmark.

Becoming a Contemporary Circus Performer

Ph.D. Candidate, Stine Degerbøl, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

This video explores the process of learning to become a contemporary circus performer from a bodyphenomenological perspective.

Intergenerational Learning 2.0

David Serra Navarro, University of Girona, Spain

This video essay portrays an intergenerational virtual immersion workshop that uses the cultural references of Real Life to execute engagement strategies, alternative forms of communicating and intergenerational nexus in the virtual environment.

The Ethics of Obstruction: A Conversation about The Five Obstructions

Lecturer Joshua Abboud, University of Kentucky, USA

A conversation between Victor Vitanza and Joshua Abboud about the ethics of revision in terms of visual (multimodal) composition. The discussion parallels the pedagogical relations between Lars von Trier and Jorgen Leth in the film The Five Obstructons (2003) and examines how obstructions can be a teaching heuristic for compositional invention and ethical response.

Think Pieces

Jeg går en Tur - A self portrait by Lasse Gjertsen

Lasse Gjertsen, Norway

The Tibetan Spider

Juan Palacios, Denmark and USA


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