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Audiovisual Thinking

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The Academic Video Manifesto

For hundreds of years, scholars have been limited to the written word and the occasional 2D illustration, but today, the revolution in affordable audiovisual technology is challenging the dominance of text as the primary means of communication and expression. We believe that scholars should also have the right to express themselves and their research and ideas in any (and as many) formats and media that they see fit.

In this respect we see Audiovisual Thinking as a laboratory for experimentation in new forms of academic analysis, discussion and presentation.

To encourage us to think in an original way, as well as to rethink what an academic text can be, we would ask that contributions to this journal adhere to the following rules. Submissions should:

  • be (audio)visual
  • disseminate new observations, knowledge, insights or theories, thereby adding to the existing body of knowledge 
  • acknowledge previous knowledge, insights or theories, and build upon this existing body of knowledge 
  • credit all sources and references, be they visual, written or oral. 
  • be self-critical and self-reflective
  • form a coherent piece of media, that is possible to store as one computer file which can be easily shared.


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