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Audiovisual Thinking

Audiovisual Thinking is a leading journal of academic videos about audiovisuality, communication, media and design.

Culture, Creativity and Disappearing Celluloid by Andrew Dawson & Sean P Holmes

Guest Editor: Professor Philip Schlesinger, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow.

Academic Video Essays 

Culture, Creativity and

Disappearing Celluloid


Dr Andrew DawsonDr    Sean P Holmes

University of Greenwich & Brunel University, UK

In May 2013 Technicolor Laboratories closed its British processing plant. In March 2014, Deluxe Laboratories in Denham, just outside London, also ceased production. There are now no large-scale film processing laboratories in the UK. Most commentators on the film and television industries welcome the creative possibilities heralded by the digital revolution. But this transformation comes at a cost.  

Machinima as Creative Practice


Associate Professor Lisbeth Frølunde

Roskilde University, Denmark

The video summarises the findings of a research study Machinima as Creative Practice at Roskilde University, 2010-13. 

Where Next for Open Culture Data?


Lotte Belice Baltussen & Maarten Brinkerink

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

This video describes the project Open Culture Data that started as a grassroots movement in late 2011, with the aim to open up data in the cultural sector and stimulate (creative) reuse. 

Think Pieces

Terroristas: what are the images of terrorists in brazilian films of the 90's and 00's?

Professor Roberto Tietzmann, PUCRS, Professor Cristiane Freitas Gutfreind & Professor Miriam de Souza Rossini


From 1964 to 1985 Brazil was under military rule. Censorship, political repression were state policy. Young guerrillas that opposed the state were labeled as 'terroristas' by the police. In this video essay we examin how did this word became attached to them, observing it via the films of the 90's and 00's that revisited the decades earlier.

Meditation on Meaning


Associate Professor Jodi Kaufmann

Georgia State University, USA


In this video Kaufmann is concerned about meaning; its façade of innocence and deleterious effects on people, bodies, and lives. 

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